Take Me Back

Take me back to a time where my innocence ruled me Take me back to a time where the world was kind and sweet Show me what the 15-year-old me dreamed Of Princes and castles and love without greed My love for you was pure and true I gave everything so you would not be …

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Women of the world: Take due blame

When are the women of the world going to grow up and take responsibility for their actions? When are they going to man up and take blame? Women today are always playing the victim card -- news anchor called "baby" on national TV, the man must be a jerk, file a case; woman raped, molested …

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L’Amour de Paris

(inspired by Le Baiser by Rodin) Titillating sweetness is the surrounding air Little do they know, they should beware Around the corner looms their doom As jealousy wins over the intimate two Legend says, they never did kiss Is that the secret we all today, miss? To have a love so powerful, true and rare That …

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