The “Bandwagon” Movement

A longer piece on the outraging we do today, whether it's something as simple as the latest movie, Padmavati, or something more complex and serious, like sexual allegations/connotations or life-threatening diseases


L’Amour de Paris

(inspired by Le Baiser by Rodin) Titillating sweetness is the surrounding air Little do they know, they should beware Around the corner looms their doom As jealousy wins over the intimate two Legend says, they never did kiss Is that the secret we all today, miss? To have a love so powerful, true and rare That …

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Between the Woods & the Water

Shadows form across the ripples Into a lonely silhouette they still The vast darkness of trees thickens behind As she starts to relive and rewind Her past lurks around every corner Towering over tomorrow with a smoky cover There's a bright light shining through Maybe it means it will, once more, bloom The woods lie …

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Back To School

Happy faces, laughing voices, playful screams This is the stuff that makes up dreams Summer's just starting Children out partying Oranges, reds, blues and yellows Swish and swirl together to make a world of color Flip-flops and sandals Pretty green candles This is the typical summer feel Oh! How I wish the world was back …

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