Political Schmuck

I’m a ‘twenty-something’ girl absolutely ignorant about Politics but I’m proud to belong to the world’s largest, most vibrant active democracy — India.

At school we were often told in Civics class to watch parliamentary procedures on TV — but what I saw last night was a scene of horror and shame where our so-called elected representatives went on a rampage — more like a cheap Bollywood flick where “dadagiri” is the key word!

Mr. Wayward Politicians, don’t you think you have a huge responsibility towards the people who elected you? Do you think all of them were only the “Marathi Manoos”? Do you think when they were in the process of voting for you they spoke only in Marathi? Do you think they care what language you communicate in? Don’t you think that you promised them that you’d settle some of their grievances? Now how do you propose to do that — out of parliament? Don’t you think it’s a shame and disgrace that you’ve made a sanctified political hall a battleground? If all that you guys wanted were to be the big bullies, you’ll could have done a better job outside Parliament than within its hallowed halls?

Even in schools, an investiture ceremony, where someone is taking an oath as a prefect, or head-girl of the school, is a moment to be respected and its amazing how you — “elected MLAs” — could not respect this moment of swearing-in as a sacred respected moment. You have desecrated this momentous swearing-in ceremony!

I think every citizen in this beautiful country of ours — young and old — was ashamed at your irresponsible act of “goondagiri”! I shall not go into the language issue — the Constitution states “the language of choice of the candidate”. Mr. Wayward MLAs — I ask you — are you promoting Marathi and the needs of the “Marathi Manoos” in this manner? Look around you — get the bigger picture!
Maharashtra is a state in our country — India. The world has become a global village. Take the example of this great Marathi Manoos whom the whole of India admires — our very own, Sachin Tendulkar. He’s a beautiful example of being a global citizen and yet he’s a Marathi Manoos. Mr. MLAs, do NOT make this country a small-minded, petty-minded, insular country. Mumbai is a global city — so grow up!

We, the young people of Mumbai — India, are global! Communication helps us progress so language is just a means to an end. We, as Indians, will not tolerate this obsession with linguistic issues. Mumbai has so many major issues — deal with our problems and find solutions! You are law-makers but you’ve proved you’re the law-breakers.
Apologize to the people and don’t justify your actions with irrational, illogical explanations!

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