Serenading Life

Laugh until you cry – they say
Just like night will give way to day
Well, do you have misgivings
about what life has to offer?
Then why don’t you become
your own life’s chauffeur

Drive along paths that are tedious and narrow
Take all of life’s smiles with sweet chunks of sorrow
Life is about living, caring and giving
And sometimes, it’s also about seething, burning and reliving
But hey, throw open the windows
And see how fresh air blows
Away the darkness and gloom
To bring you sweet roses that are ready to bloom

We, young love the highway
Cause it’s speed on the freeway
It’s broad and it’s thrilling
Which makes life exhilarating
But what’s your need for speed?
It’s like wealth, avarice and greed

Take the turn round the bend
There are fences to mend
You can’t always drive
Like you can’t always thrive
But, of course, you must thrive
To build your world to survive
And flourish and grow
Remembering to reap what you sow

For this, your feet on the ground
And yes, life will astound
For you’ve taken the broad with the narrow
Yes, the hard bone and the marrow

You’ll feel sweetness and calm
And life’s fragrances embalmed
In the corners of your soul
That will make life seem whole

And Oh! The magic will return like never before
From angry, bitter, raging waters to the grounded, practical shore
There’ll be joy, smiles, laughter, mixed with hurt, anger and woe
Cause you’ve learned how to take it – the storm, calm and snow

So when life’s balances trip unfairly
You’ll tackle it calmly
Since life can never be perfect
You’ll willingly eject and reject
the bitterness and animosity
And knowingly inject
enthusiasm, happiness and tenacity
To take all of life’s ups and downs
With more smiles and less frowns
That’s what we call the art of living
For its loving, communicating and believing

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