My 2-Minute Special Sunset!

As a teen, I was never ‘popular’ or ‘hot’ or the girl whom boys thought as ‘girlfriend material’. The ‘friend’ – well yeah, that was a category I was only too familiar with. Not much has changed till now – except maybe now I’m more mature and all grown up so it doesn’t affect me anymore. I have my fair share of guys interested and that’s more than enough. As a teen though, you’re still young, going through all sorts of emotions and feelings and to top all that, there is that incessant need to fit in. I had changed schools and everyone in the new school, friend or not, seemed to either have a boyfriend or in the process of getting one. Thus, the dream of the boyfriend, the first kiss and everything that follows only grew and got nourished more and more each day.

There is a beautiful promenade-like structure in Abu Dhabi called Corniche. Somewhere down the Corniche is a big volcano fountain with lights n steps to go to the top. I still don’t know if this structure actually has an official name but from childhood till now I have been calling it ‘the volcano fountain’ and shall continue doing so! Well anyway, there was a whole group of us who would go and play on this volcano fountain as kids. As I grew up, it became the perfect place to have a first kiss. As the sun set, the normally harsh sun turned into a soothing, comforting orange ball whose dying rays smiled sweetly on the volcano fountain giving it a beautiful orange shadowy glow. The heat of the day would slowly give way to a cool breeze and those 2 minutes were the most breath-taking part of the day! … All it needed was just a touch of ‘specialness’ added to it… When would that day come?

My dream of my first special kiss remained just that – a dream – throughout school. I finished my remaining 2 years in that school and then it was time for college and to come down to Bombay. I had a two month break between my final school exams and the start of college. Anyone who has done C.B.S.E XIIth boards knows what that feels like and how highly needed that break is! Even for lazy ones like me, who don’t study! 😉 By the end of my XIIth, I did have a boyfriend…. Did it still count if we had never met and were in different countries? Is that a real relationship when you’re in your teens? Well that doesn’t really matter ‘cos my boyfriend was coming down for an entire weekend and we were going to have a blast. By this time, I’d forgotten entirely about my ‘first kiss dream’. I was so busy planning the weekend and everything else that when it came to the time of actually waiting for the moment, I forgot about it.

Oh no big deal… In any case there was no one else in the world who knew this dream of mine but me. A trip to the Corniche is always planned in any outing and so one of the days, we went to the Corniche. Now is the part where the dream is supposed to come true you say….. ha! Well, we missed the sunset, we went later in the evening and we didn’t go to volcano fountain! But we sat in one of those “mushrooms” at the Corniche and interestingly enough, ‘The heat of the day slowly gave way to a cool breeze and those 2 minutes were the most breath-taking part of the day! ‘ 😉 I had my ‘2-minute special sunset’, my first kiss, filled with all the warm, fuzzy emotions I had imagined minus the picturesque setting!

My big dream didn’t go as I had so meticulously thought of… but one thing is for certain, I learned that life isn’t made of dreams but no one said that life couldn’t be just as beautiful when it takes its own course. Sometimes life can surprise you and give you something which a dream never could! Some say ‘Reality bites’! – Chances are it only gives the physical ‘soft love bites’!

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