Redefining Love

Speak softly love – lest they may hear us
And then will begin their usual fuss
They’ll want to know who you really are
Are you a star?
Or did we meet in a bar?

They’ll want to mar this relationship
And slowly massacre this beautiful friendship

Speak softly love – lest they may hear
For they’ll want to rave and rant and jeer

We’ll smile and play and laugh and sway
We’ll share our cares from day to day
We’ll rule our lives with love and passion
And hate and anger, we’ll need to ration

Speak softly love – lest they may steal
And maybe this time the wound won’t heal

They’ll want you just as a powerful accessory
And make you think you’re absolutely necessary

They’ll want you as this gleaming buckle
Till they have that ring round their little knuckle
They’ll kiss your feet and lick your ass
And then curse in dismay when time does pass

They’ll fashion their lives and take my identity
They’ll gleam like knives as a fake new entity

As divas they’ll pose and write crappy prose
And turn their nose at friends and foes
They talk to you in accents so fake
Good God! What really is their take?

So speak softly love – I know you are mine
I do not want them to cry, pine and whine
Together we’ve discovered love’s beautiful magic
But to them it may sound, Oh so tragic!

I’m no sham-glam
I’m no piece of spam
I’m no longer so terse
And have switched from good prose to crappy verse

To those who pose and turn up their nose
It’s you I do love and it’s you I have chose

So don’t get caught up in that world so dark
It isn’t there that you’ll make your mark

It’s out in the sunshine with laughter and fun
Not cutting to size with humor and pun

So take care my love
When push comes to shove
They’ll weave you into, their pretentious world of bling
And make you believe, that one-eyed is king

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