Wake Up Call!

He came, he saw, he conquered! He flew, he drove and then rode on a local train… thus capturing the hearts of every sweet simple Mumbaiikar commuter! To the Thackerays – Bal, Uddhav and Raj – a wake up call for you…. Wake up and smell the coffee!! Your ‘dadagiri’ and ‘goondagiri’ politics is now a dying ember! The Marathis manoos has grown! Every time you fight for him you are isolating him from the rest of India and the world. He wants to be a part of this great nation! So why don’t you get the bigger picture? Your vitriolic comments only leave a distaste in your own mouths… so stop the wagging and start acting! Actions speak louder than words! When did you guys last travel by a local train? Its not violence that works but charm and charisma! Charismatic people know how to reach out and change hearts and minds! Show us your ‘jalwa’ now! Let’s see what you can do. Even the ‘vada pav’ guy knows that to survive, he needs to sell to a Bihari, Gujarati…. Not only to the Marathi Manoos! Get your act together and stop throwing your weight around! Mumbai is for all Indians in the same way as the rest of India is for you – if only you have the guts and the gall to travel.

The ordinary Marathi manoos wants to be economically sound and not socially exiled. He wants to explore his beautiful country and learn more about it – but apparently, you are trying to stifle him – thus hampering his progress. So how then can you be called the well-wishers of the Marathi manoos? Grow up men! Your violent threats – [which, by the way, you don’t carry out yourself] – are inadequate and meaningless in a lovely city like Mumbai! Rahul Gandhi has played ‘Truth and Dare’ with you and he has emerged victorious!

The “truth” being that you would make his visit ‘a Black Day’ in Mumbai. Well, sorry to burst your bubble – he made it a ‘red-letter day’! And the “dare” being, he entered your bastion – Dadar – and none of you could stop him or make him retract his steps! Furthermore, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, you said he withdrew money from Mumbai – where do you think that money came from? Do you do anything to earn the money? Check out the pathetic state of your BMC schools – they’re in an appalling, abysmal condition!

And you call yourselves protectors? When you can’t even provide decent education to the economically backward. Go out there and work with the common man and then come and preach politics to the common man! You say Rahul Gandhi thinks Mumbai is a ‘milking cow’! Well well… a milking cow needs to be milked or else, it suffers discomfort. You are so lazy, you don’t even want to milk that cow!

Here’s to Mumbai and Mumbaiikars – let’s stand up for ourselves. Let’s not bow down to weak loudmouths and to Shahrukh Khan, we say – ‘Yes! Great going! Nothing can stop us from watchin your movie’.

To the police and the government machinery – an excellent job! You tried to curb the trouble makers; be there with us on Valentine’s Day too… ‘coz the lunatic fringes will threaten, rant and rave again!

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