Straight or Not? Still important?

Today’s a sad day for Ricky Martin’s female fan-following…. He’s finally admitted that he is, in fact, gay! 😦 Oh how my heart broke on hearing the news… But honestly speaking, how’s a girl to know whether a guy’s straight or not? Now don’t get me wrong… To all you gays out there, I’m with you guys all the way… You guys are really brave and courageous fellas to live in a biased world like ours. Unfortunately there are not enough sweet straight men for us girls to fall in love with, admire, flirt with, etc etc. And the few sweet guys that cross our path (or our “love that celebrity” path) turn out to be gay!

Now what are the tell-tale signs? If a guy is sweet does that mean he’s not in your playing field? A friend of mine told me that “if a guy can move his hips like Ricky Martin, there are chances he’s gay”. So if a guy can turn you on by “Shaking his bon-bon”, does that mean he should be crossed of your “will get naughty with” list?? Where’s the justice in that?! Dance is supposed to be full of passion and chemistry… How can it be that when you share such great levels of passion and chemistry with a guy, that there is a possibility he could be sharing it with another GUY~!!

N if it isn’t bad enough that we have to deal with figuring out whether the guy is straight or not… we now have the “bi’s”! Seriously?! You can now not only be shocked by the thought of your boyfriend asking to have a threesome with your girlfriend but mortified by him asking to have a foursome with your girlfriend AND ‘guyfriend’!!

It’s the 21st century and the world is getting easier to live in, so the scientists say! All the latest gadgets to help you cook, clean and even play…. Where’s the gadget to tell you who to love? And is that really a “modern world”? Or is it just time to ignore gender and go for whoever gels best with you? The latter definitely seems a better choice than waiting for a bot to answer your question “Hot or Not?”!

I guess the time for analyzing whether a person is gay or not, has passed. Thinking of dating someone?? Does he/she like the same things I do? Could we carry on a conversation for over 2 hours and not get bored? Am I attracted to him/her physically? If you can answer ‘YES’ to all the above, I say forget ‘playing fields’… Just go for it! If you think too much, you’ll just end up knotting yourself in the twists and turns of a pretzel!
Straight or not? Irrelevant question! The world is moving on… Are you moving on with it?


2 comments on “Straight or Not? Still important?”
  1. AfroGay says:

    It still matters unless you want to walk into a miserable relationship. Here are some useful hints to look out for:

  2. radiantlyurs says:

    Hey! The blog u’ve mentioned is very informative…… So every girl can now look for these tell tale signs…
    Actually my blog is written in a very light-hearted manner….. 🙂
    Thanks for readin n commentin….. pls keep comin 🙂

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