When a Demi-God is Toppled…

A middle aged man has this niggling dream. He works intently, intensely, relentlessly to make his dream a reality. Then, we called him a visionary because he made his commercial dream become a money-making, foot-stomping, scintillating extravaganza – Yes the Indian Premier League! Never before had we seen this cricketing feast – where the world’s renowned cricketers and our extremely young unknown cricketers from small towns came together on one platform. We had players being auctioned and huge sums of money became the order of the day. Yes Lalit Modi – I had never heard of him before – became the IPL Commissioner. He made his dream come true. How often is one able to do that?

There were many wary of this entire scheme of events. Many criticized. Then there were the risk-takers or I would like to call them, the dream weavers who jumped onto this bandwagon. They didn’t know if their investments would really be wise – but they invested anyway. The ‘hoohaha’ was “Oh! A third world country trying to achieve this magnus opus.” Consequently, it became an overwhelming success. It made me and so many millions happy just to have these exciting matches to watch. It was a delightful and absolutely awesome experience.

In a country like ours if you talk different or walk different, you are looked at with disbelief. Now here was a man who spoke with a passion for the extravaganza and then delivered it with aplomb and pizzazz. Somewhere along the way as Lalit Modi got popular and was looked at with such fondness – there were others who now wanted a piece of that very delicious pie. Don’t you think that if he made that pie, he deserved a generous helping? After all, that’s why it was commercial. Yes; so he led the good life – didn’t he deserve it? Where were all of you when the dream was in the making? If you were behind it, where’s your support now? I find it amazing, that now that the man you fronted as your IPL commissioner suddenly has feet of clay, you’re accusing him of some 22charges – so what were all of you doing backing a venture like this for three years?

Why is it that in a democratic country like ours, instead of being supportive and letting ventures like these flourish, we want to drag down the very cornerstone that we inaugurated? Do we treat someone so badly and make him out to be a common criminal when simple communication could do wonders? We ostracize him before we find him guilty. We break his belief and everyone else’s belief in him.

To Mr. Lalit Modi, I say to you – Fight back! Let every young person in this country know that justice prevails. Don’t let them get to you. The youth of this country want to see commercially viable projects like these where our country and its citizens can stand tall and walk with cricketers who looked down on them and wanted to sledge. This is not just a sports bonanza – it’s an amalgamation of nations and culture. It’s looking at people with a new perspective. See how we look at Gilchrist and Shane Warne as part of our teams. We can see Brett Lee, Keiron Pollard and so many others just as part of a team; not a nation. Mr. Lalit Modi, there are those who have seen the sparkle and gleam in your eye and caught the tremor in your voice when you have declared the game open.

I ask all those who sat behind closed doors last evening to plot against Modi – where was your love for cricket? Did you ever bother that cricket was the chief guest? As you schemed, Mr. Modi was present there enjoying the matches. Yes, you want to have someone new at the helm – the sloppy, burpy, pot-bellied slobs who do not represent sport. If cricket has to win, let the visionary continue his mission. To Mr. Modi, I say, “May the force be with you”! Don’t let anyone drag you down!

To the ‘so-called powers that be’, take a hard good look at yourselves. Do you think you fit into those squeaky clean polished shoes or do you want the ‘chappal’ brigade brought on? (here it’s not used to adorn feet but more to fling them at each other…)

Let India count! Don’t let Indian cricket down! You encourage and raise someone high and then you say – this demi-god must topple – why don’t you dream your own dream where a lot of the green-eyed monsters surround your never-ending thirst?!


6 comments on “When a Demi-God is Toppled…”
  1. Pratik says:

    What dream are you talking about?

    IPL is a scandalous affair with cricket being just a hogwash. Modi was a crooked, coke-addict son of a rich dad (he is the scion of the famous Modi family – yes the Tata-Birla-Modi example) who grew up to be manipulative, evil networker who worked his way into the BCCI and spearheaded a meticulous fraud.
    I have no idea why any sane person will defend such a corrupt individual.

    The only thing is that BCCI is now turning him into a scapegoat as almost everyone there is involved in the scandal.

  2. radiantlyurs says:

    Thank you for your comments….
    However what he’s achieved for cricket, noone else has! How come after 3 years, he’s evil and manipulative? Why didn’t this come out before? The IPL has been a success story and he’s the creator of it. His family background and nothing else really matters.

    I agree with you bout the scapegoat part… why should he be made a scapegoat! Don’t know much bout the BCCI tho…

  3. Pratik says:

    What has he ‘achieved’ for cricket?
    1. He didn’t invent Twenty20 – That was done by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).
    2. It was when Zee’s Subhash Chandra decided to do a Kerry Packer and started the breakaway ICL (like Packer’s World Series Cricket), that the BCCI realised the potential of league cricket with international players thrown in. They trumped ICL with IPL by threatening players and state cricket associations.
    So it was not ingenuity but muscle-power that made IPL a success.

    “How come after 3 years, he’s evil and manipulative? Why didn’t this come out before? ”

    Because his evil streak would have continued had he not posted that suicidal tweet slandering Tharoor. It created a furore but then all fingers eventually pointed at him. Better late than never, though.

  4. radiantlyurs says:

    Hey u seem very vehement bout this whole issue…. I’m jus a fan of the IPL and have loved watching it all these years….

    I’ve seen someone’s dream come true and I appreciate it…. In India everyone makes someone else a scapegoat …. n there r always money scandals… I think this shud end…
    The ICL was a pathetic show of cricket as compared to the commercially viable IPL… I would love every pioneer in India to fulfill their dreams…. if u say it was not original… neway he made it bigger and better….

  5. Hari says:

    Nobody can comment and sound absolutely right in the issue..
    IPL Vs ICL cannot be talked of.. ICL was not given even the proper cricket grounds to conduct their matches.. The obstacles were far too many..
    And again as far as praising Modi goes, Yes.. he did a great job as the chief commissioner.. But who knows if he had made illegal money and all that.. Here we will never get to know the actuals..
    Better to enjoy cricket and leave things which we cannot comprehend, rather than take up one sided stance!!

  6. radiantlyurs says:

    I completely agree! The IPL is all bout cricket…. n that’s how it shud stay! Being able to watch your favorite players of a team from different countries… n b able to cheer for a team without havin ne loyalties…. jus for the sheer pleasure!

    I think if ppl want to make money along the way, who’s goin to stop them?? They do that anyway!! We have a history of it!

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