So You Think You Can Make My Heart Dance?

Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror today?
Have you seen how you brighten my day?
Do you know that you make my heart swirl?
Each time you take that little twirl…

You’re dangerous and you’re smooth
You always seem to know all the right moves
I thought I’d put up a fight
And stay away from you tonight

How did you know that to steal my heart away
All you need is a charming humorous way?
But do you know the easiest way for my heart to break
Is for you to turn out to be a fraud and fake?

I know you’re just another player
You know that I’m not a believer
We joke and fool about each other’s blunders and glories
But is that all destined in our paths, as we exchange stories?

I know you’re in it just for the game
I know you play all and feel no pain
But, mark my words, the day will come
When you’ll feel sorry that she doesn’t think you’re the one

You know I don’t believe a word you say
Be it “single” or “she’s the one that must stay”
But that’s the beauty of this rhyme n this rumble
It’s like your first bike which is now having starting trouble

Every look you give me, makes me feel like a schoolgirl
Every word you say, makes my heart skip a beat
Is this the start of something beautiful and sweet?
Does it look like we’re really gonna go down this street?

Do you dare to walk down this path?
Are you sure that you have enough charm to make a start?
Consider this the toughest challenge life will bring you
A trial, a protest and a summons to contest too

Do you have it in you to be rocklike, stable and steadfast?
Or is this just another six-month farce?
I need you now to take a stand
And not make a joke of this, you understand!

So do you really think you can make my heart dance?
With a few laughs, twirls and a prance
Are you ready for the ultimate test?
Can you really be your dependable best?


3 comments on “So You Think You Can Make My Heart Dance?”
  1. Sahil says:

    Checking out your blog. So you’re actually a gamer girl? Niice.

    1. RadiantlyUrs says:

      Yea, bit of a gamer girl…. neway happy reading! 🙂

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