It’s not my fault! U turned me on!

(My reason for writing this…
Jus saw this hard-hitting video and realized that is so apt for this post. I’ve written this post in 2011 and 2 years later, in 2013, nothing has changed and we are fighting the same battles

What a long day it had been… and what better way to unwind than a long relaxing walk! The workload was hell and Monday, as usual, was being a b***ch. I really needed a break, some time to myself to just vent. As I walked down the street, my brain fast forwards through the week to Saturday – meeting the ol’ gang, good times at Hard Rock, and all our all-time favorite guys – Jack, Johnny and Capt’n Old Monk. I go so deep in my dream world that I end up forgetting where I am – I suddenly see myself walking away from HRC after what had been a super Saturday night. We all were going our separate ways… heading home.

Suddenly, just down the street, was this beauty. I barely had had a glimpse of a figure in shorts and those sexy sexy legs when I knew I wanted some. The mystery silhouette was cycling down the street and I suddenly found myself running after the bomb. I managed to get a little closer and saw bare arms… Oh, that sleeveless is so flattering. I’m not exactly in the greatest of shapes so catching up with the well-toned athlete in front of me was one of the most difficult feats I had ever attempted and achieved.

I stopped the cycle with brute force. There we stood… looking deep into each other’s eyes. I could see fear in the eyes facing me. I could feel something happening inside of me; I could feel the monster coming out. It was just my hormones acting up again. This provocatively dressed sex bomb stood there in front of me and all I could think of was ripping those clothes right off and completing the act of love – the most natural process in the world. And we did just that! It didn’t matter that all I heard was no, no over and over again; I had to go on. After it was all over, I then told my night’s partner not to tell anyone and moved on home.

Let’s take a break from this story now and discuss reality and the real world’s reactions. There would be one bunch of people who would be appalled at the rape (which is basically what this scenario is). The next bunch would be sorry for what happened but it hadn’t directly affected them so they would continue with their lives as if nothing had happened. There is another bunch – the bunch who would start blaming the provocatively dressed “woman”, who by minding her own business, enticed the man leaving him no choice but to do what he did. Let’s dwell on this bunch; let me also take a moment to make my story a little clearer.

I am a woman. I went out with my gang of girls for a few drinks after a long tiring week. It was 10:30 and we figured that we would be safe enough to travel on our own. I saw a Greek God in cycling shorts and a sleeveless jersey and found HIM hot. He turned me on – I raped him. I couldn’t help it – he was provocatively dressed and just turned me on.

Now to the third bunch of people who said that the provocatively dressed woman should have seen this coming and expected this kind of behavior; that she should take it quietly and cry about it in a corner of her room because it was her fault; I would like to ask you one question – Is the provocatively dressed guy to be blamed in this case? Shouldn’t he go to his room, lock himself up and perform all kinds of prayer services to ask for forgiveness for the wrong he did? How can anyone point a finger at me? Didn’t I just do what is normal human tendency? I read somewhere, if a woman expressed interest in a man, it was forbidden by law for the man to disappoint her. So I was within my rights!

We are living in the 21st century. We commend our women on the milestones they have achieved. Yet we are still having long-drawn discussions on ridiculous topics like whether provocative dress is what leads to rape – and we try to justify that the dress somehow makes it all right to commit such crimes. RAPE IS RAPE! It does not make a difference what a woman wears, what her profession is, which part of the world she is from, whether she drinks or not – none of this should matter! None of it! The only thing what should be seen is “She said NO! She resisted”. That does not allow any man – be it a stranger or her husband – to force himself on her. Any sort of sexual advances against a woman’s will is a crime! We do not condone criminals and their acts – we punish them!

The shock which you had when I told you that the woman raped the man – that’s the same shock you should experience when the situation is vice-versa. The shock should be directed at the crime – not the victim! Let’s move towards a civilized developed nation – let’s work towards a developed world – A world in which we are appalled by the crime, we judge and punish the criminal, we embrace the victim and encourage them to lead a normal life. Let’s live in a world where it is safe for us women to roam freely.

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