Dance to the Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life“Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate, d-determinate”

Yes! Let the world and life be your dance floor and voila… the different forms of dance can give your life that jazz and pizzaz.

When life’s upbeat and beautiful and everything’s working with clockwork precision – Rock n Roll n Jive through these beautiful moments.

Of course Waltz through the ups and downs – it gives you perfect rhythm with the highs and the lows.

If you’ve found the one who’ll make your heart smile – go ahead – dance the Slow Tango with music in your heart and a song on your lips.

There are days when it’s festive happy…. yet there’s work calling with deadlines and jobs to complete – Boogie Woogie – hey, it can’t get any better!

Sadly enough sometimes life has those nostalgic moments when you want to go back to your roots – well, you can Folk-Dance … the dandiya, the bhangra, etc

One has to face those ugly moments, the bitter side of life… where sometimes you wish, wonder why… time for Pop n Lock“Main aisa kyun hoon”

You’ve popped and locked your way through these nasty days and it doesn’t seem to go away…. Well, time for some Hip-Hop and Break Dancing. Freak times call for freaky action so twirl and swirl.

Ironically sometimes life is persistent with these moments – so change your tune, Twist N Shout. Obviously, that’s going to make life energetic and perky – ready to take on the evils of life – change the rhythm – Tap Dance and emphatically say a “NO” to misery and negativity!

What better form of assertiveness than the Salsa – to make a statement! However, if you’re indecisive and going back and forth – do the Cha Cha Cha…. 1, 2…. cha cha cha, back, forth, cha cha cha.

Life has all these beautiful rhythms you can dance to but more often than not, life’s sweetest moments are times when you’re Slow Dancing… under the moon and stars. These are the times when you’ve just surrendered to nature and the marvel of living.


One comment on “Dance to the Rhythm of Life”
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