As I wandered…

As I stood there, across you
On this day, so bright and blue
I wondered how life passed me by
Whilst I was busy on this high

It was a difficult road I chose
But the choice was mine alone
I am responsible for the good times and the joy
And also for the lows and the turmoil

As I wandered through
this thing they call life
I picked up many a’quality
which is universally liked

I picked up happiness
‘cos it’s needed all the time
Without it
no day will ever go fine

As I wandered further down this path
I picked up strength to save my poor heart
From trials and tribunes
And all these testing tunes

I picked up courage to put on a show
As I wandered on some more
Luck lying there, quite a lot
Picked some up as I wandered past

And as I wandered on and on
On me, it finally dawned
As I stood there across you
I realized I was a better person, unfortunately no thanks to you

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