When Will You Wake From Your Slumber?

(Inspired by the movie – Something Borrowed)

There you were, sipping coffee, chatting on the phone…
Just another voice lost in the background of noise
It made no difference,
the birds kept chirping, the sun kept smiling down,
the Earth continued to take spins on its axis

Who knew that a couple of hundred spins later,
you wouldn’t be just another voice drowned out by the sounds of the world…
Who knew you wouldn’t be just another face
among the sea of people walking by…
Who knew that I would be able to feel when you entered a room
without even turning around?

Maybe I’m crazy
but I thought it was the start of something good
Maybe I’m wrong
but I thought you felt it too
We walked hand-in-hand,
we kissed under the moonlight,
we splashed around at the beach,
we shivered in the sun,
we did all sorts of “mad” together

Now you walk away, or I refuse to stay
All we seem to do is move away from each other
I know this doesn’t end this way
The question is do you agree?
Are you sleeping and running away from the truth?
Or is the truth we were never meant to be?

All I wanna know is,
when will you wake from your slumber?
Are you waiting to be 25 minutes too late?
There’s a funny thing about destiny…
it always has the last laugh
If it’s written in the universe that we are to be together, together we will be
whether that means now or 10 years later

The only difference between the two is
how many people we end up hurting on the way
Cos baby, “Relationships are like a mirror
Once broken can be fixed, but the crack is always there”


4 comments on “When Will You Wake From Your Slumber?”
  1. Beautiful lines!! The anguish of failing relationships is nicely portrayed.

  2. Rahul says:

    Lovely post and the last lines , say it all:)

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