When your JOB becomes your LOVER?

It’s a busy morning, the phone’s ringing off the hook and the emails are pouring in faster than you can shoot them out… Take a breath, step back and think about the last time you had “ME” time. Are you struggling to reach a balance between your personal life and work? Or has the job invaded into all crevices of your life – Has it become your new lover?

Here are some telltale signs to indicate that your job has become the NEW man/woman in your life:

  1. You are obsessed with answering work calls irrespective of where you are, whether you are on holiday or not.
  2. The first thing when you wake up all you want to do is switch on your computer and check your email.
  3. You want to buy a new high-end phone explicitly to be connected to work all the time. 
  4. Even when you are enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or out drinking, you are thinking of people at work and connecting their reactions to your friends’ lives and stories.
  5. When you go out on a date with this cute guy/girl and all you can talk about is how your boss needs to get a life!
  6. When your biggest worry of the day is that your boss didn’t notice that you spent extra hours at the office that day!

Every person needs some ME time for himself/herself, away from family ties, girlfriend/boyfriend “sweet nothings”, work hassles and any other commitments – some time to indulge in the things you like best, whether its reading, going for a long drive, dancing, white water rafting or jumping out of a freaking plane to go skydiving! 

Assuming that you fit the bill for all the above points, you know that your job has taken over every relationship of yours. It seems like you’re well on your way to doom, but don’t worry! It’s not too late for you – you can still break free! All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Plan your schedule for the day. Make sure to include free time where you have no commitments with family, work or your significant other. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes in the day initially, but to start out with it means that you are making a conscious effort to ensure that nobody encroaches on that time. It is solely meant for you.
  • Switch off your phone and all other gadgets when you go to sleep. This way you will not be disturbed and will definitely get a good night’s sleep.
  • Do not switch on your PC/Laptop/Phone or any other communication device till you finish breakfast. This will ensure that you have at least one hour of the day completely gadget-free.
  • Plan an activity for all or some evenings, maybe take up dance classes or judo. If you make a commitment to be at a certain place in the evening, you have to leave work on time or at least in time to reach your destination. Work never ends so don’t beat yourself up trying to do it all.
  • Most importantly, leave work at work. Don’t carry your work home or the issues at work home. Leave them at office only and take the first step to a happy carefree personal life

Remember, the road to success is long and hard. Once you reach the top, you’ll have all the things you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams – but there’s no point if you don’t have people with you to enjoy the good life. Don’t let your job take over your relationships, or it will be you and your job spending old age together.


2 comments on “When your JOB becomes your LOVER?”
  1. Carlton de Souza says:

    hmmmm…interesting! 🙂

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