What is Beauty to You?

Real beauty is the inside you. It’s not the pretty face, the super physique, the stylish dress or anything outwardly. Yes, this is the standard answer which you will hear from any sensible person. Every sane human being will say that true beauty is the inner you.

I’m sane so I agree with this to a great deal – but let’s face facts here. Nobody starts chatting with you and getting to know you because you’re a supermodel on the inside! While the fabulous personality definitely spells “keeper”, it’s the little outwardly gestures and behavior that attracts people in that first look.

Beauty does not necessarily mean having Aishwarya Rai’s perfect features, or the raw sex appeal of Megan Fox, neither does it mean having the cute smile of Drew Barrymore or Cindy Crawford’s perfect figure. Beauty is deeper – Beauty is intense – Beauty is around you every day.

A sweet smile to a sad stranger, a gentle nod in the direction of an acquaintance hurting, a quick hug for a friend grieving all show the inner beauty of the person on the giving end – all outwardly, quick signs to warm a heart and bring two people closer together.

Some people feel that beauty is being able to close your eyes and dream – dream about that which pleases your mind, that which brings happiness to your soul. To some, beauty is finding that special someone and being able to sing Lobo’s everlasting words and truly mean it – to make a promise forever…
“So I give to you my heart today
And pledge my eternal love”
To others, it’s the special something which others notice in you. It’s not the way you look or your style, but it’s that little spark which makes others stop and go WOW!

At the end of the day, we all agree – beauty is that which comes from within. I started this post stating that nobody gets to know you because you’re a supermodel on the inside. But the God honest truth is, the ravishing beauty within you is what shines through all those layers of bland, boring flesh, blood and skin. The truth is the person with the most deformed face can still be as beautiful as any Miss World to those who know her and love her. The truth is that no matter how a person looks, the reason for someone finding them beautiful is most often, never because of how gorgeous or handsome they look.

Look inside of you… Find your inner beauty. Appreciate and applaud the supermodel within you. And finally, before you struggle to attain outwardly perfection or kill yourself trying to get there, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What is beauty to you?”


2 comments on “What is Beauty to You?”
  1. VO5 (@MyVO5) says:

    We love this message!
    We believe Beauty is something that every single person possesses inside and out. We wanted to remind every single person of this, which is why we wrote a Beauty for All Manifesto. Here is what Beauty means to us: http://on.fb.me/UGCR3M.

  2. Sharon says:

    If only more people thought like this…

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