The Indian Problematical League

The I P L
is like a carousel
Whose fortunes favour the brave
but there are those, who for more do crave
And kill the unspoken creed
with their incessant greedSpotFixing

But did any of you think of us fans
who make all our plans
To yell and scream
And cheer our dream team

So why, oh why, do you fix your spot
chugging, fuming, frothing in this rot
For more and more
of that loathsome dough

Aren’t you happy with love, adulation and admiration?
Or isn’t that enough gratification?
It is a gentleman’s sport
So we’d hate to see you in court
CONGRATULATIONS to all the good, clean boys of cricket
It will always be a pleasure and delight to watch you at the wicket!


One comment on “The Indian Problematical League”
  1. majaal says:

    Very nicely presented. I agree the fans are at loss, people cheer for their team in great spirit and then they get cheated like this due to greed and corruption of few players. Actually the money players earn through illegal means like spot fixing is nothing in-front of actual amount they get through legal means and brand endorsements.

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