Are We Being Power-Raped?

wpid-Freedom.jpegToday we have society all knotted and tied up with rage and venom because of all the physical rape and molestation going on all over the country. Women are at the receiving end of this appalling injustice. But the buck doesn’t stop there — are we a country that is being power raped?

Look at this honest IAS Officer who has to give her side of the story to exonerate herself? I strongly and vehemently say, why should she? Every evidence that the media lays bare declares and shows her honesty — so why in God’s name should she suffer the humiliation and pain of defending her name?

This, I say, is the state of affairs with most women in the workplace — be it the corporate world, the bureaucracy or even on social media. One tweet from an influential lady of repute and the men with power scurry around to wield their might and put her down. Why do women have to go out there and defend their honest remark or gesture? Even in the corporate world, where middle management walk the corridors of power, a woman’s honest opinion is regarded as an outrage.

Yes, and there are those — even today as we speak of the IAS Officer — who sit on the sidelines and watch. A cautionary word of advice to the silent spectator: There are sins of commission which those who are in the power brigade have committed — but there are also sins of ommission committed by those sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting and doing nothing till it’s maybe too late. People cry out in loud uproar against the power-hungry wolves committing the crime, but what about the powerful soundless bystanders watching the ‘tamasha’ around them. Are they not equally to blame? Is it not their duty to put their position and power to good use and fight against this abuse? If you are a person who stands for justice, be brave enough to take a stand and voice your opinion. This power rape can only be stopped by people who do not ask the girl for her side of the story and bring about justice without humiliation.

The politician stated that if a person does wrong, he needs to be punished — the same applies to him. They should be punished for misuse and abuse of power. Women are brave and courageous and will always stand up for what they believe in — there are a lot of others who stand with them in this endeavour.

Make your voice count; stand for what you believe! We already have physical molestation — let the buck stop here!
Say NO to mental and emotional molestation!


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