Summertime Bloom

In the middle of a bridge, in the throes of Summer
Stood a young lass, strapped in, hooked and ready to plummet

‘Til her death, they thought, is where she’s heading
Little did they realize, it’s destiny laying the setting

It was never about jumping and landing “Kaput!”
It was always about falling in, possibly, a bigger soup

See, none of the voices of judgement around mattered
For who knew the tale of the bruised, broken and battered

There was but one rose in the garden below
And that was the perfect hay to land in, without a blow

The rose was the secret, her rock when she needed
The coming winter showed signs of being harsh and jaded
But what could be didn’t matter, ‘cos the future was long faded

The part to be remembered, now and for always
Summertime bloom will forever be ablaze
‘Cos there’s nothing like a pretty boy sending hearts in a daze…

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