Right By You

Told you all my problems, all my secrets and fears
Told you of my dreams and all what I hold dear
Did everything I could to show you I was true
Now it’s time to let go and finally do right by you

Never stood a chance with all what’s going on
Seems like everyday opens one more can of worms
Drama always has a second home with me
Now let the pieces fall just where they want to be

Another starry night sky, one more pretty sunset
Hold me close, I beg you, don’t let go just yet
I’ll be what you want me to, just tell me what that is
Please, I pray, don’t shut me out, I can’t deal with this

I know it’s been a battle, a task and then some
You know I never wanted that, no matter what I’ve done
Just tell me what the problem is, what we’ve to get through
‘Cause this time, I promise you, I’m going to do right by you…

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