Take my hand, Don’t let me go…

I see you standing there in the darkness
A silhouette so hazy, a dream so far away
I blink for a second or two
Trying to see you one more time, a little clearer
You’ve faded into the darkness once again

I want to feel your warm embrace
I want to hear you chide me again
You knew what I felt before I knew what it was
You knew it was wrong before I could even see a full picture

You protected me from all the hurt you could
Cuts and bruises and a scraped knee
But a broken heart no one can save or heal
There is no technology yet to turn a heart into steel

A broken heart is shattered for more reasons than one
But it strings together a stronger exterior that can never come undone
No one will know the turmoil and chaos that lies under calm waters
It’s too much to share, too little to be a snare

You’ve been my guide, my map through all things, big and small
You’ve helped me navigate through the toughest moments, highs as well as falls
I stand here now at crossroads, confused
Do I follow the worn-out path and fight through it all?

Take my hand, show me where to go
Help me through the road I know I should not follow
The world can tell me it’s the worst thing to do, selfish and cowardly
But I’ve fought and started over, as many times that I can and that ends now

Take my hand once more, hold it in your palm
Let me walk with you, don’t let me go
I want to rest my head on your lap and lie there forever
At least for one moment, if I can’t get anything more…

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