Back To School

Happy faces, laughing voices, playful screams
This is the stuff that makes up dreams

Summer’s just starting
Children out partying
Oranges, reds, blues and yellows
Swish and swirl together to make a world of color

Flip-flops and sandals
Pretty green candles
This is the typical summer feel
Oh! How I wish the world was back at my heels…

The little children are the wisest of all
They know that summer will be just a rolling ball
They don’t waste time in pie charts and fancy slides
But rather on cotton candy and long horseback rides!

Summer is short
Enjoy it a lot
Don’t busy yourself with the bores of the world
Lest it’s “back to school again” without even a fun word

Follow the children, they know how to live
Today, in the moment, not concerned with what the future has to give
The future may be bright and shiny and true
But there’s nothing to stop you today from being the real you…

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