The Broken Promise

I took a fall, they all came to see
What was left of the old broken tree
They chanted words of encouragement and sympathy
With not a feeling, but feigning empathy

The fire spread all around me
Burning everything yet let me be
But even though I was untouched by a flame
The surrounding destruction left me lame

You promised you would not leave, no matter what I did
So I gathered my courage and went on and hid
From the peering eyes and the empty words
Of all those who behaved like hovering birds

You spoke with confidence of what would not happen
You said, Let the busy bodies get their two pence in
It does not matter, they’ll be here a while
When there’s a need later, the real ones will be there for a smile

All the fakeness and harshness of the world did not matter
Because I thought I would always have someone with whom I could chatter
But today my words from day one ring true
“M gonna be alone everyday from now on”, and you know it too…

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