My Death, My Murder

I sit by my window, gazing at the stars
A mere ghost, a shadow, of my life’s past
Cup in hand, but no coffee for me
For it brings more pain now and very little glee

I remember the joyful days of yesteryear
I was young and innocent and held all romance dear
Love and me would always get together
But every time it ended, as a person, I just got better

One day I met my ideal match
I thought he was a handsome catch
He wooed and doted on me, like there was no tomorrow
It made me feel so complete, no sadness or sorrow

We took that step to spend forever after together
And then far from those dear to me, he brought out the leather
Such loneliness and torture was alien to me
I was always a girl so happy and free

As time went by, my days grew longer
I had to get out, but I needed to get stronger
The love I thought could know no bounds
Had transformed into a fear of being pound!

I struggled and pushed, and fought with a passion
“Get out, I must”, I thought, “before I get smashed in”
My world had become my greatest prison
But I still had some fight left within

My biggest nightmare, my most hellish ordeal
But got out, I did, and then life got real
Even though I escaped, I am not free
My demons are with me, anytime they can make me keel

This was the story of my death, my murder if you will
Because part of me died while the world around me stood still
But today i come back, resurrected to a new me
One with demons and lost innocence, but that’s down to a wee

For over the horizon, with the agony tucked behind
Lay a beautiful man, truly one of a kind
He helped me believe in love again
And taught me not to hold back, not to restrain

See this story does not end with blood and gore
Instead it goes on; there’s a lot more sweet love to bore
I thank the heavens for the angel sent down
Who’s come into my life to make me laugh, not frown

Although my struggles till now were hard
With my ‘item’ today, I no longer have to be on guard
The tenderness and passion that he carries for me
Makes me believe in the grand gestures shown by the Princes of Disney

I don’t care of the past, the future I hold dear
My special Prince Charming always holds me near
In his arms I will rest, safe and secure
Wild, sexy and free, yet docile and demure

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