Take Me Back

Take me back to a time where my innocence ruled me
Take me back to a time where the world was kind and sweet
Show me what the 15-year-old me dreamed
Of Princes and castles and love without greed

My love for you was pure and true
I gave everything so you would not be blue
We promised each other we’d stick through it all together
In front of family and friends in a wedding of splendour

Little did I know that was all the day meant to you
A celebration of stupendous grandeur
Marriage didn’t exist in your new fangled dictionary
Just another notch in your belt; a new word to expand your vocabulary

You fooled me so well with gestures of love and affection
But true emotion does not cause such destruction
You did not need to move to another
And act like I was the bother

You should have been direct
An upfront discussion would be perfect
Instead you chose to go behind my back
While leaving me stranded at every major incident

Didn’t you know I loved you with all my heart?
I would leave quietly if being with another is what you sought
Why did you have to disgrace me and drag my name through the mud?
Did it make your ego rise to see me fall with a thud?

Jaanu, my love, you called me so often
Even though you were with her after 10
Today I sit and wonder, was any of it real?
Is this all what life has to offer?

You’ve moved on, happy and free
While I ponder if I will ever again feel
Even an ounce of love I pray for
Let me be attracted to another

So many wants out of this short life of mine
A husband, two kids and a house on the coastline
Dear Love, please friend me again
Let me feel those emotions and the commotion in my brain

Take me back to before I met you
To a time when I knew love to be true
Take me back to when I was bubbly and joyous
Before our marriage, before I saw you, before my love loss…

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