On The Outside… Looking In…

I’m kneeling here in silence
I look out up to you
Do you see me from where you’re sitting?
Do you see the pain you’re putting me through?

They say you give to all
Only what they can take, no more
But I think there’s been some mix-ups
Up there at Heaven’s door

I’m standing here alone
No footprints by my side
I should be thinking I’ve been lifted
But it feels like I’m in concrete that’s dried

No way to turn or push out
No swimming back to shore
A never-ending drowning
That seems to go nowhere

Is this the life that’s planned for me?
I had so much else in mind
Back when I was 21
The world was not unkind

Today, we don’t speak at all
We’re chalk and cheese at best
There was a time in the past
Where all I had to do was ask

Take me back into your arms
Hold me close and favour me
I want to be your gifted child once more
Don’t want to be left knocking at the door…

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