That’s Fine

You took the space I saved at work
Some might think that makes you a jerk
But whether it was or wasn’t mine
It wouldn’t change the way I think, that’s fine

The first time we really drank a lot
Drowned our sorrows in alcohol and soda pops
For reasons unknown, I bitterly cried
And yet you said, “Don’t worry ’bout it, that’s fine

It became a habit, to moan and weep
You were always there to catch me in the deep
From the highest height, I could take flight
Whatever happens at the bottom, oh that’s fine

Suddenly, my world came crashing down
You were long gone but I drew you back into my death town
What I didn’t see was there was no stopping you reaching great heights
You stayed for a while then moved on with your life, oh that’s fine

Today we stand at crossroads so complicated
The atmosphere tense and views should be debated
But move on, you had to, didn’t stop and think twice
A million pieces of me left behind, that’s fine

I have realized one thing, I give up the fight
I give up trying to forget you, hate you, move on from you or any other plight
The emotions I feel, you will always believe aren’t right
So let me say one last time, “I’ll love you always and know you won’t feel the same… And that’s fine…

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