Against The Tide

My life was simple, sheltered and free
The things I did, stemmed only from glee
A child I was, without a worldly bother
No screams, no fuss, try with another

As I grew up, another grew with me
They called him “Anger” for that’s what the world could see
There was so much more to him than just undeniable rage
But only discipline and structure could lead to the growth of a sage

The lessons to learn were long and tough
But slowly were learnt as life got rough
The taunts of the settled grew deeper and snider
And my interest in the regular path just got milder

My loved ones kept pushing and cajoling me
Into service, business or whoever I wanted to be
“Go out into the world”, they said, “so that what you want you get”
The only problem was, I did not have that ultimate dream yet

I wandered through the woods of my life
Unsure if the pricking inside was the edge of a knife
Disappointment and frustration, I knew to deliver well
In front of me it loomed big, the monster of defeat and its ugly smell

After much trial and error encountered
The soft majestic silk strongly bellowed
It encompassed me in its ring of strict regimen
It would make me strong and tough, like regular men

Today I stand tall, accomplishments tucked under
While all around wake up and stare in wonder
At the vagrant boy who all said “had no purpose”
“Was never going to make it and was pretty much worthless”

I found my dream – my calling, if you may
Struggled against the tide and found a way
To be the definition of strength I am today
Despite all those who said forever I will only stray

A practiced professional, a virtuoso I maybe
But that’s not the end of life’s struggles for me
“Find the balance between success and humility”
That’s the new line the “taunters” have to preach

I will stand tall, accomplishments tucked under
Battle against the tide, this time I will not wander
No need to prove my worth to anyone now
And Anger and his cousins, I will keep in tow

Against the tide, I swim each day
Against the tide, I will yell out touché
I’ve worked so hard to come this far
This is now where I’ve set my bar

Only to better things from now
Against the tide has become the only way I know how…


One comment on “Against The Tide”
  1. Wesley Dias says:

    Hey JoAnn…This is Wesley…You told me you were into content…but, I didn’t know you are a poet, too…great rhymes and even greater musings…will read more of your posts…this is just awesome…keep it up 🙂

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