You’re My Perfect Mashup

You sit across the long table
Talking with the confidence of an expert
No one sees the scared little boy inside
You never let them in

You build your story
You’re in the middle of it somehow
There’s no stopping you now
Like an eagle, you’re starting to soar

Take you out to a ball game
There’s the little boy I know
Full of hope, excitement and fear
He believes he still has a long way to go

The world proclaims he’s arrived
He still waits for his big banner break
That boy is hidden from the world’s boring eyes
You shut them out, you never let them in

You had a stumble
You missed a step
You let me see you
Now I’m hooked

You were the neighbourhood garden
I’d never look at
Now you’re the song
Stuck in my head

I saw you as the big bad boy
Full of knowledge, ego and pride
You can play the best of them
With those words of charm, so playful and light

Suddenly, there’s a new you
The sweet and giving man
You’ve thrown me off my game
You’re my perfect mashup!

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