Blue Waters, Blue Skies

Glistening ripples as far as the eye can see
Peaceful and serene, saying “Don’t think. Just be.
Dock yourself for life, it will be alright. “
These blue waters whisper, especially tonight

Not a care in the world, no topsy turvy swirls
This is the kind of life that can really entice a girl
Teach me to love again, teach me to be free
Oh blue waters, give me your eyes and let me truly see

The rat race.. The grind..
Or whatever world is left behind
It’s not missed for even a heartbeat
When these blue waters are in front of me

Even blue waters have an end to face
However their best complement awaits, the blue skies, ready to interlace
At the end of it all, on the edge of the horizon
Thats the claim to the expansive kingdom of every great lion

No hunter, nor weapon, can touch such pureness
Of the point where the waters and skies merge to form the ideal ‘oneness’

While their color is the same, that’s where their likeness ends
Just like a handsome sir and a beautiful dame, their relationship has its turns and bends

Blue waters, blue skies, you’re such a perfect fit
Nothing alike, not a matching bit
Put you together, it’s love unexplained
A perfect union that just seems ingrained

You are my blue waters, you are my guide to being free
You are the blue waters that calms me and speaks to me
All I ask of you is to allow me that inexplicable high
Let me be your perfect complement – your clear blue skies…

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