Don’t Mean No Harm

I drifted into another land
Watched another life flash before me
It wasn’t the one I knew or lived
It belonged to another
It seemed to be a gift

A beautiful young lady stood silently in the distance
Her hair, the color of the sun, blew with the wind
And it whispered through the hush
“This is not death. I mean no harm”

The flashing lights splashed over his face
The man just lay still on the sidewalk
Two others scurried around him in haste
She stood there watching, not making a move
Letting it play out, like she didn’t have a clue

The lights raced away screaming, “Save a life”
“It maybe too late”, she whispered back
“Come to me now. That’s where you belong”
While faces in mask kept huddling over
Fiddling with their gloves trying to get a better view

He opened his eyes and saw the swinging door
Walked straight past it and into her arms
She looked back smiling,
“He’s with me now. There’s not a goddamn thing you can do”

A man walked out through the same door, head hanging down
“I’m sorry”, he said.
“We tried all we could”
He couldn’t stop their tears

I stood in the distance and this time he came
Should’ve thought twice ‘cos now there’s no going back
I might have won the war but it’s never enough
You should’ve known better than to listen to me
Today’s the day we both lost our lives…

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