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“Kathy found a lonely black cow on her farm.”
“Kathy #1tweetbreakup i think we should start following other people…”
These are just examples of the umpteen feed updates and tweets on Facebook and Twitter respectively. We all know social media has stepped into this big bad world of ours quite sometime back … but now it seems to have found a cozy lil’ niche for itself where its settled quite comfortably. No matter what everyone says about it or how many fingers you wanna point at it, “Social Media” has something to say – And it’s screaming out from rooftops, “I’m here to stay!!” We’ve been through the works; hi5, MySpace, Facebook and the new kid in town, Twitter! But look out everybody, we all know how the famous Eagles song goes: “They will never forget you ’til somebody new comes along…. Jus another new kid in town…” Just as Twitter is peaking, along comes Google… taking a second shot at this new media which has everyone dancing to its tunes.

Google Buzz was launched yesterday claiming to have encorporated a whole bunch of exciting new features. It not only wants to contribute to the “race” of social networking sites… but wants to be at #1 combining features from Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp, and the likes. It’s integrated with Flickr, Picasa, Google Reader, and Twitter for easy sharing of your fun moments. What’s more is that it has its mobile app up and running allowing you not only to post status msgs from your cellphone, but also automatically updating your status message with your location! Wow! Google’s back with a bang and they seem to be saying, “We mean business this time”! All the features of Google Buzz are described in great detail at… All thanks to MG Siegler.

Unfortunately, the Buzz is not yet spread all over this little town we like to call the Internet, but I’m hoping I don’t have to keep refreshing my Gmail much longer! Oh, that’s one more important thing I missed out on….. Buzz is available in your very own Gmail account… Jus below your inbox! It’s still in it’s initial stages so there are a lot more features in the “coming soon” phase but we know Google right? They became the #1 Search Engine and stayed there… Maybe they are planning something similar with their “re-try” at Social Media – the Google Buzz. Never know, it may just be the next “buzz” of your life (… as clichéd as that might sound ).

Here’s to Google Buzz – I wish it all the best in its new endeavours (Google if you’re reading this, pls activate it soon on my account); and more importantly, to Social Media – may you never go out of style!