Hail the Male!!

Hey guys, let me tell you a long tale About you – the sexy, flamboyant male Don’t whinge and cringe It ain’t about size, feat and binge I’d just like to put you in planets And send you into elliptical orbits Well to start with we have the one in limbo Whose stance is always …

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Straight or Not? Still important?

Today’s a sad day for Ricky Martin’s female fan-following…. He’s finally admitted that he is, in fact, gay! 😦 Oh how my heart broke on hearing the news… But honestly speaking, how’s a girl to know whether a guy’s straight or not? Now don’t get me wrong… To all you gays out there, I’m with …

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Are u blissfully ignorant? Or jus plain stupid??

Statuary Warning: The above title is a good insight on what the rest of the article is going to be. If you take offense easily, I suggest you leave now. It’s going to be an insult to the ignorant and the stupid. *Disclaimer: ‘Stupid’ here refers to people with an attitude problem Well, as I …

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