Right By You

Told you all my problems, all my secrets and fears Told you of my dreams and all what I hold dear Did everything I could to show you I was true Now it's time to let go and finally do right by you Never stood a chance with all what's going on Seems like everyday …

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So You Think You Can Make My Heart Dance?

Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror today? Have you seen how you brighten my day? Do you know that you make my heart swirl? Each time you take that little twirl… You’re dangerous and you’re smooth You always seem to know all the right moves I thought I’d put up a …

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My 2-Minute Special Sunset!

As a teen, I was never ‘popular’ or ‘hot’ or the girl whom boys thought as ‘girlfriend material’. The ‘friend’ – well yeah, that was a category I was only too familiar with. Not much has changed till now – except maybe now I’m more mature and all grown up so it doesn’t affect me …

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